"Images of Folk"

Celebrating the 50th year of Photography by 

Robert Corwin

with additional images by Jerry Corwin

from the Robert Corwin Collection

of the
American Folklife Center
at the
Library of Congress


"Robert Corwin brilliantly captures Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Cajun,
Jazz, Rock, and other roots musicians in classic and historic imagery...
Perhaps best known as the most gifted documentarian of the spirit, personality
and ethos of the folk music scene and the performers who give it its vitality...
he manages to portray essence in gesture, in the “decisive moments”,
in the description of color and space (or its deliberate absence)
so that the layers of history, joy, love, passion and concern are revealed.
Please do spend some time to familiarize yourself with his work.
It will be a rewarding experience."

- Peter Yarrow,
                           Peter, Paul & Mary

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"Let us all thank Robert Corwin for being such a good photographer,
and having such single minded devotion to use his craft to record things
that probably do need to be recorded"

        Pete Seeger


Joni Mitchell at the reception we shared for my Old Town School Exhibit in Chicago

James Taylor posing with my Joni photo in his Newport Folk Festival Trailer


Taylor Swift posing in front of my photos on the walls of the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville

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