“Images of Folk”

An exhibition of photographs by Robert Corwin

We are pleased to present the exhibition "Images of Folk" by photographer Robert Corwin.
Beginning with a young Bob Dylan, captivating the Newport Folk Festival in 1965,
and an introspective Joni Mitchell, first appearing in 1969, this retrospective includes
selected images  from a body of work documenting over 40 years of American folk music.
The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress has established the
"Robert Corwin Collection" to preserve this valuable resource for future generations.

Mr. Corwin, however, has created more than mere documentation.
As Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul, and Mary has said:

"Robert Corwin brilliantly captures Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Cajun, Jazz, Rock, and other
roots musicians in classic and historic imagery... Perhaps best known as the most
gifted documentarian of the spirit, personality and ethos of the folk music scene
and the performers who give it its vitality...he manages to portray essence in gesture,
in the “decisive moments”, in the description of color and space (or its deliberate absence)
so that the layers of history, joy, love, passion and concern are revealed."

Robert Corwin studied as a President's Fellow in Photography and Design at  Rhode Island
School of Design with legendary photographer Aaron Siskind.  He studied graphic design
as a graduate student at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, studied advertising at
the School of Visual Arts in New York, and holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from
the University of Santa Monica.  Yet some of his best known works date to his teenage years at
the Newport Folk Festival of the 1960s.  

Robert firmly believes in photographs that are all about the subject, not the photographer.  
Called a "great songwriter" himself by none
other than Pete Seeger, Robert Corwin's photographs do, 
however, reflect an artist with a nuanced understanding of the music and artists who's spirit he captures.

As a member of Peter, Paul, and Mary's preferred team, working  with producer Phil Ramone
and designer Milton Glaser,  Mr. Corwin has created memorable photographs of Peter, Paul &
Mary and friends, in the recording studio, on the set of the PBS Great Performances  
television special, and for their Warner Bros.
CDs.  Photos from Peter, Paul & Mary’s tour books
vividly capture PP&M in concert, on the road, and at the marches, rallies, and
demonstrations which the photographer and trio have participated in together over the years.

Including vibrant new color images, as well as historic images in black and white,
the "Images of Folk" exhibit has already made over 80 appearances in cities throughout North
America and abroad, including Toronto, Boston, Newport, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, 
Nashville, New Orleans, Memphis, Austin, Montreal, Seville, and Vancouver.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation selected this exhibit to inaugurate
the newly constructed Grandstand at Jazzfest.  The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry
chose selected works to include in their "Sounds of Chicago" exhibit.
Mr. Corwin exhibited at the opening of the new Old Town School of Folk Music,
where he shared an opening reception with Joni Mitchell.   His work is viewed daily on the walls of 
the Library of Congress, the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and the entrance to the World Cafe Studios 
at WXPN.  An on-line version
of this exhibit may be seen at "www.robertcorwin.com.

In addition to CD covers for Peter, Paul & Mary, Odetta, and Doc Watson, Robert Corwin has also 
produced work for major corporations, museums,
and non-profit organizations.  His photography 
has appeared in the New York Times,
TV Guide, Travel & Leisure, and countless newspapers 
across the country.
 He was commissioned by the National Olympic Committee to photograph the dance
company Pilobolus for a poster and official t-shirts which were omnipresent
at the 2002 Salt Lake 
City Olympics.  Mr. Corwin held a ten year tenure as the official Photographer of the
North American 
Folk Alliance, and has served as the official photographer of WOMEX, the world music exposition 
in Sevilla, Spain.  He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA, where he is working on his first book.

As Peter Yarrow concludes:
"Please do spend some time to familiarize yourself with his work.  It will be a rewarding experience."



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