Images from the Campaign Trail

from the Robert Corwin Collection of the Library of Congress

"one of the gems of the Library of Congress"

Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign 2016

Hillary Clinton with Katy Perry, Free Concert and Philadelphia GOTV Campaign Rally

Town Hall with actress Elizabeth Banks, Hillary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton

Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine

President Bill Clinton

President Barack Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama

Vice President Joe Biden

Senator Bernie Sanders

Musician Ben Harper

Forty Years of Past Campaigns...


Jimmy Carter, 1976


John Conally, 1979


John Anderson, 1980


Ted Kennedy, 1980


Michael Dukakis, 1988


Jerry Brown, 1992


Ross Perot, 1992


Hillary Clinton, 1992


Bill Clinton, 1992


Ralph Nader, 2000


Al Gore, 2000

Hillary Clinton, 2004

Theresa Heinz Kerry, 2004

John Kerry and Bill Clinton, 2004


Barack Obama, 2006 

More Notables

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